Board of Directors

Meet the Board

The GAC 2020 Board of Directors


President GAC

Kirsten Holzmeier

Kirsten supervises the business and affairs of the organization.  
Vice President
Vice President

Jo-Ann Bresowar

Jo-Ann is in charge of our grant and tuition assistance programs.


Ernest Clifton

Ernest is the keeper of our records. He prepares the minutes of our monthly board meetings.   Carolyn HugginsMembership  

Carolyn Huggins

Carolyn is in charge of membership. (Application form here.)

Director of Communications

Antje Wilson

Antje is in charge of our website and ‘Scorekeeper’, our newsletter.  
Dir of Real Estate Portfolio
Director of Real Estate Portfolio

Bruce Duffy

Bruce supervises the management of our real estate investments.

Director of Entertainment

John Huggins

John coordinates our events and trips.

Gerlinde Smith

Gerlinde is our treasurer.

Johnny Jewell

Johnny audits our financial records.    

Director at Large

Monika Brown

Monika is responsible for our reservations, working with our director of entertainment.